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Trencrom Dowsers UKWelcome to the website of Trencrom Dowsers, based in wild and beautiful West Penwith, Cornwall.

We are affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers and our focus is on the core dowsing applications: Archaeology, Earth Energies, Health and Well-Being, Water.

New members and guests are always welcome.  Click on Events at the top of the page for full details of our programme and Past Events & Photos to see what we've already been up to! 

Our activities include a series of fascinating talks and presentations by excellent speakers and trips to interesting places with plenty of good dowsing opportunities.


Looking forward to seeing you, whether a member or a visitor.


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For current topics of interest to dowsers, ley hunters and those fascinated by earth mysteries in the landscape, follow the Penwith Press Facebook page.




The group is named after Trencrom Hill, (pictured above), where Hamish Miller's Athena energy current passes through, on its way to many significant sacred sites around the world. The Dance of the Dragon was an amazing dowsing journey undertaken by Hamish, Paul Broadhurst and their partners, Vivienne and Ba.  Over a period of many years, the Athena and Apollo energy currents were followed as far as Mount Carmel in Israel.  (Sadly the book is now out of print but the maps are still available from www.penwithpress.co.uk)

In May we celebrate on top of Trencrom Hill or at Carn Lês Boel, near Land's End, (where the "Sun and the Serpent" Michael and Mary currents stream in/out) during the events of International Dowsing Day and remember Hamish Miller's  birthday.