About Us

The initial group members were all those who had attended John Moss’s dowsing courses in 2011. As with many like-minded people, we subsequently became friends (aided by copious amounts of home-made soup and calorie free cake) and decided to meet to form a group.

In October 2011, the group met in Sennen Churchtown Village Hall and founded Trencrom Dowsers, named after the wonderful hill where the Athena energy line flows across the land to join the Apollo line - and the Michael and Mary lines - at St Michael’s Mount. 


Trencrom Dowsers is run by Jill Moss.  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Outside trips are planned and run by John Moss

Treasurer: John Watts



Helping in the running of the group are also: Jenny Hemphill (efficiently bringing refreshment supplies for each inside event); Ba Miller (always ready to arrange chairs and tables); Gregory Leach (meet and greet) and Jennie Leach (worthy Treasurer up to November '16)



After the serious dowsing at Nine Maidens' stone circle, West Penwith.  The cream tea came later!