2018 Programme


Our venue for inside events is Marazion Community Centre (TR17 0HW) in Gwallon Lane, Marazion.  Gwallon Lane is opposite the Fire Engine Inn (on the coastal side of the main street in the Marazion to Helston direction) and there is a signpost for the surgery, which is next door to the hall.  Plenty of free parking.

Unless otherwise stated, talks/presentations normally start at 2 pm on Saturdays, with tea and biscuits served during discussions or question and answer sessions at the end of the afternoon.

If you are attending an outside event organised by Trencrom Dowsers, you are deeming yourself fit to deal with the physical activity.  Field trips may at times involve walking substantial distances on uneven and slippery ground.  Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

For further details of events please contact Jill Moss on 01736 740093 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This website is continually updated. Any provisional dates will be confirmed as soon as possible.


As appropriate, our speakers' website addresses will be added to the Links on this site.


Please note: Dowsing tuition is not available during our dowsing trips or other meetings. If you would like to learn how to dowse, or to extend your skills, please click on the Dowsing Courses' tab at the top of the page.


Saturday 24 March: Grahame Gardner: Dowsing Magic - Symbols, Shapes and Sigils

Grahame is Past President of the British Society of Dowsers, author and one of the most respected dowsers in the UK and internationally, who has presented at conferences in Canada, America, Japan, Italy and Portugal.

A sigil, used in magic for centuries, is a way of encoding your intention into a symbol - like a personal logo or monogram.

For dowsers, a sigil is useful to set your intention when you know that intention will need reinforcing for a period of time.

Grahame's workshop will give you the opportunity to learn how useful sigils are, as well as how to create your own.

Grahame says: "this is a practical session exploring the power and etheric form resonance generated by geometric symbols and shapes, using dowsing to compare the effect of various sacred geometric forms on the human energy field and see how they affect earth energies. You will learn how to encode intention into the form of a sigil, which is a graphical distillation of purpose that can be programmed as an ongoing emitting matrix requiring no further consideration. You will learn how to create them, some things that they can be used for, and how to activate them using dowsing techniques as you create their very own talisman to take home."

Please bring a pen, notepad and a Sharpie marker if you have one.


With our dowsing rods polished and our picnic hampers packed, we shall be out dowsing from the end of March onwards.  Details of our trips will follow.


Sunday 22 April: to confirm - trip to Bodmin moor sites.  Details to follow


Saturday 5 May: International Dowsing Day.  This event, which falls at the weekend closest to Hamish Miller's birthday, will this year be on his birthday on 5 May.  With dowsers throughout the UK we shall have a celebration of wells, several of which in Cornwall have had a reputation as healing wells.  A visit to Carn Lês Boel, as in previous years, will also take place during the weekend.  More details to follow.


Saturday/Sunday 26/27 May: Pathways to the Past

If you are interested in the history, archaeology and archeo-astronomy of the sacred landscape of West Penwith, then come along to this very popular weekend of walks and talks. Details on the CASPN (Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network) network: www.cornishancientsites.com


Sunday 10 June: to confirm - trip to Tregonning hill.  Details to follow. 


Another  special event for your diary!  June 23rd/24th: DFest South West.  The south west local dowsing groups (including us) are organising an exciting weekend of dowsing talks, workshops and outings, in and around the Dartmoor area of Devon. We shall be contributing to this event, which is to be a celebration of dowsing, affordable, and for novices and experts alike.  More details to follow but please try to support it.