2012 Events Archive

“Dowsing for the Lake of Light” presentation and Annual General Meeting

Various Speakers

November 3rd 2012
Marazion Community Centre

A year on and here we are … today’s event was well attended and, with a delicious assortment of food, was a very happy and sociable occasion.  John Moss gave an illustrated presentation on a dowsing journey through Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire, following an ancient pilgrimage route through beautiful countryside. There was then a useful discussion during the AGM and, at the end of the afternoon, the raffle resulted in a few members now needing to find storage for larger-than-outsize British Society of Dowsers’ sweatshirts!

Looking forward to seeing you all next year.

Visit to Sancreed Beacon, Caer Bran, (near Sancreed) and Sancreed Holy Well

Site Visit Team

September 15th 2012
Sancreed Beacon

And it wasn’t raining!

A climb to the top of Sancreed Beacon gave us some good dowsing and then we walked from there to Caer Bran.

There is an excellent article on Caer Bran in the recent edition of Meyn Mamvro, written by Barry Reilly, and we were very lucky this afternoon that Barry came along, as well as Cheryl Straffon, with their wealth of information on the history, myths and legends of this extraordinary Iron Age (and older) site with its spectacular views.    John M. had prepared notes and dowsing “questions” as guides, useful to everyone except Anna’s dog Merry, who proved that good dowsing simply requires enthusiasm and an ability to dig!

Talks at Penzance Literary Festival

Various Speakers

July 25th 2012

Nigel Twinn, co-author of Hamish Miller – A Life Divined and, (just published by Penwith Press), Beyond the Far Horizon: why earth energy dowsing works, (written with one of the dowsing “greats” Billy Gawn) was well received in Penlee Coach House, Penzance, when he spoke about his experiences with these two remarkable dowsers.  Sadly not many Trencrom Dowsers attended but thanks to those who made the effort.

David Leesley, a healer dowser, also took part in the Festival. His book Return of the White Serpent, (also published by Penwith Press) describes his extraordinary experiences with a tribe on a small tropical Pacific island, where according to tribal legend, the people have been awaiting the “White Serpent” who would be reunited with the “Black Serpent” – the High Chief.  David will be returning to the tribe shortly.  Again, he had a good audience but very few Trencrom Dowsers.  Thanks to those who did attend.

International Dowsing Day and Dowsing 2012 – Singing the Michael & Mary lines

Various Speakers

May 5th 2012
Carn Lês Boel

Dowsers and Earthsingers gathered at various significant points today, all along the Michael and Mary lines from Cornwall to Norfolk.  There were at least 25 separate events taking place, as well as dowsing events world-wide.

45 of us were at Carn Les Boel, not far from Land’s End, where the Michael and Mary lines stream in from the sea.  If you missed it, you missed an incredible and very moving experience!  Everyone joined in with the Earthsingers’ chant, (the same chant was simultaneously sung along the line) to which other songs and drumming were added.  A huge before and after difference was measured by the dowsers.

Well Walk

Rory Te'Tigo

April 14th 2012
St Just

Rory is a locally-based sculptor, potter, painter, musician and jewellery maker.  He also takes groups on “Well Walks” around St Just and has a wealth of information about the history and lore concerning the old wells.  This walk was specially planned for dowsers and gave opportunities for dowsing in some lesser-known places. Despite a bitterly cold and windy day, (Oh for photos of dowsers without anoraks, scarves and hats!) about 16 of us had a good afternoon, managed to survive before hyperthermia set in and thawed out over a cream tea.  Alongside the cream and jam, Rory had a very complex “ley line” map to show us and demonstrations of his fascinating “telekinetic toys”.  (And were they sensing the human aura?!)

Dowsing a stone circle

John Moss and Ba Miller

April 1st 2012
Merry Maidens stone circle

At the start of the meeting, we enjoyed watching part of Hamish’s “Spirit of the Serpent”, filmed at the nearby Merry Maidens stone circle.  Then off we went – another beautiful and sunny afternoon at the circle.  Led by John Moss, (Ba was still recovering from her journey home from New Zealand – what sort of excuse is that?!) we found and explored the extraordinary energies of this site. A lovely afternoon with a great bunch of people, which culminated in the haunting sound of Danu Fox’s singing in the centre of the circle, ringed by the group.  The subsequent effect on the energies was dramatic.   Thanks to Cheryl Straffon for the Merry Maidens’ photo – and the one below – suggesting that dowsing isn’t always as serious as some might imagine!

Water dowsing workshop

Aaron Bray

February 11th 2012
Merry Maidens stone circle

Aaron is Chair of the British Society of Dowsers’ Water and Site Dowsing Special Interest Group and a professional water dowser, who uses dowsing to locate water for his family business Chenpump Ltd.  He is also a BSD Registered tutor.

Aaron gave a very interesting presentation on his work, followed by practical exercises in dowsing for water outside the hall.  In gloriously cold and sunny weather, the group then went with Aaron to the Merry Maidens, for the first of our exploratory sessions at this site – this time concentrating on water.

Megalithic mysteries of Cornwall

Cheryl Straffon

January 14th 2012
Marazion Community Centre

Cheryl (pictured below) is editor of the Cornish Earth Mysteries magazine “Meyn Mamvro” (Stones of the Motherland), and author of three guides to the ancient sites of Cornwall.
Her fascinating presentation was enhanced by a wealth of information which linked astronomy, legend and language and gave us new insights into the stones, barrows and wells of Cornwall and elsewhere.