2013 Events Archive

Lunch and Festive Socialising meeting

Various Speakers

December 7th 2013
Marazion Community Centre

This was the final event of the year.  Delicious food brought by all contributed to a very happy event.  Gregory, Jenny L. and Jill were asked to continue in their present roles for another year and Ba and Jenny H. are happy to continue bringing the refreshment supplies. Palden and John  W. will sort out the tea-making/washing-up rota – hurrah!   There were ideas for trips and speakers to be followed up and added to the 2014 programme.

Talk by two Johns.  On the theme of making our own special/sacred space, John M. gave an overview of special spaces and their purpose, with a short talk on the design and construction of his stone circle in the Forest of Dean.  This was followed by a talk by John W. on the construction and development of the labyrinth in his wildflower meadow, inspired by Sig Lonegren’s labyrinth workshop in the spring.

The end of a very good year for Trencrom Dowsers.  Season’s Greetings and a very happy 2014 everyone.

Encountering the Otherworld

Cheryl Straffon

November 9th 2013
Marazion Community Centre

Saturday 9 November: .

The return of a very popular historian, author and Penwith expert!  Related to Cheryl’s new book: Between the Realms: Cornish Myth and Magic, today’s presentation promised to be good and was absolutely fascinating!  Here is Cheryl’s summary: Dowsers usually dowse for energy and water lines and patterns at places in the landscape.  Sometimes they will ask about the sacred centre of a site, or about the nature of ceremonies performed there. Beyond this however is another dimension. It is the Celtic Otherworld, a realm inhabited by spirits, ancestors and mythical beings, such as the fairy folk, totem animals and gods and goddesses.

This new presentation explored some of these themes and looked at ways in which the Otherworld can be reached. Is this something dowsers could (or indeed should) be exploring?   There were many ideas here to enhance our exploration of earth energies.

Cheryl’s new book is now available from Troy Books.

Connectivity of Landscape: Joined-up Megaliths

Robin Heath

October 12th 2013
Marazion Community Centre

Prehistoric cultures built their temples to express the highly conscious qualities of geometry, astronomy and number sciences, and located them on high energy points. Both the location and monument appear to reinforce each other in interesting ways. When we find Celtic saints emulating this practice in Arthurian times it’s time to ask some questions about how this knowledge was transmitted through forty centuries and why it appears to have subsequently vanished.

Robin has been working with landscape and its sacred monuments since 1988.  Travelling down from west Wales, it was great to welcome him and his wife Trish.  As predicted, he gave a highly entertaining and professional talk which provoked some good questions and discussion.

Grids, Geometry, Geomancy and Gnosis

Grahame Gardner

October 1st 2013
Marazion Community Centre

As a start to our autumn indoor programme, we were fortunate to have Grahame, the President of The British Society of Dowsers and accomplished dowser, geomancer and author, who was due to return home to Glasgow the day after his talk.

What makes a place special?  Why do these places seem to connect with each other? What do we mean by leys anyway? An inveterate need to draw lines connecting anything with a legend written in Gothic script on OS maps has resulted in a collection of largely illegible maps covered with lines connecting cicled sites – the dowsing equivalent of the new 4G phone networks.

Grahame gave a fascinating talk based on his own research, mostly based in Scotland, and that of others. Looking forward to future group discussions, we’re away to connect everything we can find in our own landscape!

Visit to Gunwalloe

Site Visit Team

August 11th 2013

We had ideal picnic weather today, (and Cheryl and Lana even had a pre-dowsing dip in the sea), for our visit to a beautiful spot on the coast.  One of the important node points of the Apollo and Athena energy currents, (recorded in the Dance of the Dragon), Gunwalloe church is the only Cornish church actually sited on a beach. Its saint, Winwalloe, was a hermit in the separate, and much older, tower.  We were fortunate in that the tower was unlocked for us to dowse inside – where the energy was strongly felt. The current running through the church was measured at the beginning of the afternoon, (at approximately 13 feet) and re-measured after our own interaction with it and the 3 pm Family Service.  It was then found to be approximately 20 feet.  Among the energy lines common to many churches, there was one emerging from the North door, (the “Devil’s door), which extended across the churchyard.

Visit to Carwynnen Quoit, near Camborne

Site Visit Team

June 9th 2013
Carwynnen Quoit

Dowsing without a single anorak in sight!  Can you believe it?! A late Neolithic burial chamber which collapsed in 1967, Carwynnen Quoit was recently purchased by the Sustainable Trust (www.sustrust.co.uk), which is now working with archaeologists to rebuild it.  (Also take a look at www.giantsquoit.org)  A very interesting site for archaeological as well as earth energy dowsers, this one has Hamish Miller’s Michael energy current, other energy lines, water lines and signs of occupation through various periods of history.  Pip Richards, of the Sustainable Trust, gave us plenty of useful information about the project, along with Andy Norfolk, Chairman of the Trust.  Bart O’Farrell also spoke about some of the previous dowsing discoveries in the field where the stones are situated. The dowsing and sharing of ideas went on until well in the afternoon and a “Michael Mary Pilgrims’ Way” plaque was installed on a post next to the stones.

This was a joint outing for our group, Tamar Dowsers and West Cornwall Dowsers and a good opportunity to meet and talk to other dowsers.  Where were you Trencrom Dowsers?

How do animals navigate?

Richard Nissen

May 18th 2013
Marazion Community Centre

Dowsing with a difference – or is it?!  Richard gave a lively, entertaining talk about his own research and that of others as to how birds and animals may navigate across the globe.  With some interesting dowsing exercises we had the opportunity to test our own navigating skills, as well as a map dowsing exercise on the route that might be taken by fledging cuckoos.  Richard put forward several theories, including the possible links between navigation and Quantum Physics, and discounted some of the current ideas about how it is successful over huge distances.

Following his talk, we discussed with Richard how Trencrom Dowsers can take an active part in his research.  More news in due course!

Richard has lots of information on his website – see our Links page on this site.

International Dowsing Day 2013

Site Visit Team

May 5th 2013
Trencrom Hill

Trencrom Dowsers met today on their namesake site of Trencrom Hill.  Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst’s Athena energy current passes over the hill, (the Apollo and Athena energy lines were explored by them and their partners, Ba and Vivienne in their epic 10-year journey, recorded in The Dance of the Dragonand a set of beautiful hand-painted maps).

Before the main focus at 3pm the line was dowsed and found to be approximately 15 feet wide.

Over 60 dowsers, Earthsingers led by Danu Fox, as well as members of Parallel Community, sang, chanted, read poems, sounded gongs and drummed – sending love, harmony and healing along the current. Danu had composed a chant incorporating the significant sites along the current, from Skellig Michael off the south west coast of Ireland, across Cornwall, through Europe to Mount Carmel, where Hamish, Ba and the others ended their journey.

A happy, sunny occasion in a glorious setting and the afternoon was completed by a cream tea in Ba’s lovely garden.

Last year we met at Carn Lês Boel, where the Michael and Mary energy currents flow in/out of the Atlantic and this year one of the Trencrom Dowsers’ group, John Watts, felt that this important site should not be excluded.  Before the 3 pm focus he dowsed for a pattern or pictogram around the node point and a deeply indented, irregular seven pointed star was found.  The Mary and Michael lines were measured at about nine feet wide, with seven strands in each line.

At 3 pm John, (brave and alone!) sang and chanted, visualising the lines spreading across the country and beyond, as conduits for consciously directed love, well-being and healing.  Shortly afterwards a group of German tourists appeared on the headland and John succeeded in starting one woman off on her dowsing journey!

He then measured the lines again.  He writes, “Both were now twelve feet wide and while I was still only able to detect seven strands within the Michael line there were now nine in the Mary line.  Dowsing the pictogram showed that the points of the star had softened and the indentations rounded, so while it was no bigger it had come to resemble a flower with seven petals rather than a star”.

After the event, the Athena current on Trencrom hill was found to have doubled in width.

When anyone is able to do so in the next few days and weeks, please measure the energy currents on these two sites and let us know what you find.

Many thanks to Gregory for the photos.

House healing

Roy Procter

April 13th 2013
Marazion Community Centre

Roy and his wife Anne are authors of “Healing Sick Houses” and are very well known for their remarkable dowsing abilities and distance healing.  Unfortunately Ann was unable to accompany Roy for this occasion but his audience much enjoyed his description of their work and research of many years: work with geopathic stress, earth energies, the healing of the subtle environment as well as problems of electrical and electromagnetic pollution.   Thanks to Palden for the photos.

“It’s further than I thought”: pilgrimages along the Michael and Mary lines

Richard Dealler

March 9th 2013
Marazion Community Centre

Many people are familiar with Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst’s exploration of the “Michael” and “Mary” energy currents, whose alignment stretches from Carn Lês Boel on the Cornish coast to Hopton on the Norfolk coast.  This remarkable dowsing journey, which passes through many churches, holy wells, burial mounds and other sacred sites, culminated in the classic “The Sun and the Serpent”.

Richard has now founded a not for profit organisation: the “Michael/Mary Pilgrim’s Way”, to develop the energy currents as pilgrimage routes and has produced guide books for several stages of the route. He is committed to the idea of the pilgrimage as a spiritual and cultural journey.  In his own words he says, “Our vision also resonates with environmental concerns and research which recognises benefits for physical and emotional wellbeing of “nature cures”.  In our restless, noisy society, slowing to the natural rhythm and pace of walking, and journeying to and between sacred places, can help us reconnect to ourselves and attune more deeply to, as T.S. Elliot described it, “the still point of the turning world”.”

Richard’s thoughtful and sensitive talk was deeply inspirational. He spoke of his deep connection with nature, the desire for a simple life, his fascination with myths and legends, the draw to sacred sites, his interest in wild food and the way that walking enhances the senses.

Afterwards, there was much talk about having group “walks” along stages of the Michael/Mary route.  It seems timely for many of us to leave a note on the front door, saying “Away on Pilgrimage”.

The History, Construction and Uses of Labyrinths

Sig Lonegren

February 2nd 2013
Marazion Community Centre

As promised, the sun shone!  Internationally renowned dowser, geomancer and author Sig Lonegren gave a talk and workshop to 59 people on a very fascinating subject.

Sig started by explaining that labyrinths are quite unlike mazes, which have high walls and are intended to be “left-brained” puzzles.  Apparently, most ancient labyrinths are found in Scandinavia and the majority of modern day ones are in the United States.  (That’s before we all start making them in West Penwith!)

In the past, Finnish fishermen would walk the labyrinth prior to setting off to sea, to ensure a fair wind, a good catch and to attract the trolls into the centre, whereupon the fishermen would rush out and set sail before the trolls could follow them.

Sig related the circuits of the labyrinth to the chakras, elements, emotions and even to musical notes.

Prior to leaving the hall he handed out a sheet explaining how to walk the labyrinth.  We were encouraged to think of a challenge we wanted to resolve or an ambition we wanted to achieve.

Once down on the beach in glorious sunshine, and after dowsing for the position of the labyrinth and then for the position of the direction in which the entrance, (en-trance) should face, we made a start. John Moss had whipped up a nifty piece of woodwork to act as a tool to mark the width of each path, ready for volunteers to start creating the shape.

Once marked out, everyone walked the labyrinth, using the handout that Sig had given us. There seemed to be a consensus that, despite the cold, making the “journey” had a very calming effect and no one was in a rush to leave.

A labyrinth- building phenomenon is now anticipated!

(Thanks to Pauline for most of the text and to Alan, Palden and Nigel for the photos. There are more photos on the Penwith Press Facebook page)