2015 Events Archive

Leys and energy leys: what does it all mean?

Palden Jenkins and John Moss

December 5th 2015
Marazion Community Centre

A hall-full of people attended this afternoon’s presentation, which was shared by John and Palden, discussing the history, research, confusions and mysteries of leys, energy currents, energy leys and alignments.  (And why do people keep talking about ley lines!?)  John had thoroughly researched the many researchers, dowsers, ley hunters and so on who have contributed to this topic.  Palden also introduced his current research project concerning the alignments of west Penwith.  A fascinating subject which continues to raise many more questions than answers!   Mince pies made a good finale to the afternoon and the last meeting of 2015.

Season’s Greetings to all our members and any other folk we see from time to time.  We look forward to meeting again in January 2016.

Animal Communication from Outside In

Ann Lodygowski

October 3rd 2015
Marazion Community Centre

Ann is very well known as a successful animal healer, with many years of experience.  Her workshop today showed her extraordinary level of expertise in the healing and understanding of animals.  Everyone was asked to bring a sample of hair, mane or tail and Ann showed us how to dowse, with the aid of her very comprehensive checklists covering the skeletal, muscular and internal organs, the mineral, vitamin and herbal requirements of the animal. The detail in which she analyses the animal’s needs is remarkable.  Examples taken from her years of experience and some very lively anecdotes made this an excellent afternoon.

Dowsing trip – Chûn Quoit and Chûn Castle

Site Visit Team

September 13th 2015
Chûn Castle and Chûn Quoit

Another very worthwhile dowsing afternoon. Chûn Castle (SW405 340) is an impressive Iron Age fort with spectacular views of the north and south coast.  The nearby Quoit is about 5000 years old and the only example in the area to have retained its capstone.

Despite dire weather warnings, it was a dry windy afternoon and we enjoyed a picnic inside the castle walls.  John provided historical/archaeological notes, with suggested dowsing tasks. It has been suggested that a megalithic site was situated within the castle compound and, after some time dowsing the area, we believe that we have found it. At the Quoit we dowsed the energy radials around it and marked out the boundary of the earth mound which was thought to surround the stone structure.

Awakening the Ancient Mysteries of the Shaman within

David Leesley

September 6th 2015
Marazion Community Centre

Traditional paths to well-being for today’s healers.

David travelled from his home in the Isle of Man to deliver this Advanced Dowsing for Health whole-day workshop, open to therapists, health practitioners and dowsers.  Every place was taken for this very successful day, a fascinating experience for everyone.  David’s wealth of experience and knowledge was quite evident in the amount that was packed into the eight hours.  Clearly this should have been a weekend workshop and several people have already asked for a return event.  We covered the basics of: how to create a safe, sacred space through the Celtic Medicine Wheel; how to locate and clear toxic phenomena from the Three Soul Cauldrons, (in the Celtic tradition the three Power Centre in the energy body) and how to locate and clear toxic psychic phenomena from the personal energy field.  With a calm and humble manner, David has no ego but extraordinary knowledge and experience.  We all hope that we can persuade him to return next year.  His accounts of his time spent with the tribe in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, where he is recognised as High Chief, “Return of the White Serpent” and “Kassoso: when Myth becomes Reality” are available to buy on line from Penwith Press.  www.penwithpress.co.uk

Lesingey Round and Boleigh Fogou Site Visit

Site Visit Team

July 4th 2015
Lesingey Round and Boleigh Fogou

It was good to welcome Carol and John White, of Northumberland Dowsers, on our trip today.  (And John W. has nearly finished a wonderful new wood carving in Ba’s garden!)

Our dowsing began this afternoon with an exploration of Lesingey Round, the smallest of the Penwith Iron Age hill forts. A single earth rampart is well preserved, above a surrounding ditch. Now owned by CASPN (Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network) there have been no known excavations and no traces of huts have been found. Using John M’s notes the group dowsed for energy/ley currents and, once the results were gathered, a fascinating pattern emerged.  (The diagrams/patterns/observations are to be assembled and are likely to make interesting reading. Certainly the energy currents would appear to link with the well-known sites nearby, such as the Mount.)  Unexpectedly this visit was far more interesting for dowsing than we had anticipated.  As during a previous visit to this site, some of us, quite independently, experienced a loss of orientation, both within the Round and while walking around the surrounding ditch.  Strange indeed – more investigation needed at a later stage!

Following our picnic in a field nearby, overlooking St Michael’s Mount, we were away to Boleigh Fogou, situated in a well-hidden woodland area on private land not far from Lamorna. Built close to an Iron Age settlement it has been said that there is an atmosphere of healing within the fogou.

After dowsing for energy leys/currents, and a discussion of the site, it was time for some of us to have Cakey Tea (no, actually cream tea!) by the sea in Lamorna cove.

Pathways to to the Past 2015

Various Speakers

May 30th to May 31st 2015

Organised by CASPN (Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network) this was the 9th year of weekends in west Cornwall.  Another excellent occasion which, among other walks and talks included Cheryl Straffon and Lana Jarvis taking us to the Mên an Tol, Nine Maidens’ barrow and stone circle and Bosiliack barrow to discuss, as knowledgeably as ever, “Catching the light of the sun and moon”; Paul Bonnington delivering an excellent presentation on the invention of metal making and the effect this had on the Bronze, Copper and Iron Age societies and even John Moss, who completed the weekend with a very good talk on dowsing and archaeology.

Don’t miss next year’s CASPN weekend!  (Website: www.cornishancientsites.com)

Dowsing trip to Zennor Quoit

Site Visit Team

April 26th 2015
Zennor Quoit

This afternoon we walked along the valley to the top of Zennor Hill to picnic in the beautiful “rock garden”, before walking across the moor to Zennor Quoit.  A fascinating place to dowse, where the Athena energy current and leys cross the summit.

Thanks to Palden Jenkins for the three photos – the rocks on Zennor Hill and the Quoit. Another good afternoon (perishingly cold – surely not)!

An interactive afternoon exploring consiousness and the healing of our people and earth

Dr Jude Currivan

March 28th 2015
Marazion Community Centre

Today’s event was hosted by Parallel Community and Trencrom Dowsers. This was a long-awaited visit by Jude, a leading edge scientist, cosmologist, author and international speaker. She gave us an inspirational, heart-warming and challenging afternoon, during which we participated in the sharing of self-awareness and healing. Ranging from quantum physics to astrology, and from astronomy to collective consciousness, Jude was an impressive speaker, highly knowledgeable, genuine and humorous. This was a very good experience for us all.

Clinical neurophysiology and dowsing

Paul Gerry

January 17th 2015
Marazion Community Centre

A good start to the new year with an excellent presentation from Paul, who, experienced in recording brain activity, has been researching the brain waves of dowsers.  With the help of a handy gizmo, three volunteers were wired up and the activity of their brains was clearly seen on a large screen.  For any sceptics out there, it was obvious that there were clear differences between someone meditating, another focussing on healing and a third in dowsing mode.  Many thanks to the volunteers.  This is fascinating research and the written results will be something we all look forward to.