2018 Events Archive

Consciously Connecting with our Surroundings. Are we?

John Moss

December 8th 2018
Marazion Community Centre

John presented a revised version of the talk he gave to the highly successful DFest, organised in June for Devon Dowsers, Somerset Dowsers, Tamar Dowsers, Trencrom Dowsers – and others. He spoke about a few very amusing experiences from his early dowsing days and related a few entertaining anecdotes from his time as Director of the British Society of Dowsers.
The point of these tales was to suggest to dowsers that they always adopt a questioning approach to their dowsing, rather than just accept what they are being told by others. As with many human activities, there is a temptation to embellish and complicate the process, thus restricting the dowsing ability. Seek conventional evidence based on geology, archaeology and the historical record, rather than treat dowsing results as accurate facts despite how illogical they may seem.
Beware of using checklists produced by other dowsers! Certainly use them as guide but adapt them to fit in with your own belief systems.
Take time to relax into a landscape and go about your research gently, rather than leaping out of the car and immediately interrogating the subject of your dowsing activity.
John spoke of the importance of asking permission before dowsing, whether the subject is a person, their property or something in the landscape. Ethical dowsing is vital, both for the accuracy of the dowsing results and for the public relations’ aspects of our craft.
Talking about our search for, and acknowledgement of, the Spirit of Place, John showed images of “special” places, including a representation of the “heart of our home” and stressed the need to stay quiet and just listen. And what do you feel?
The presentation was enthusiastically received and was followed by a lively and interesting Q&A session. And of course, festive goodies including mince pies!
Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of Trencrom Dowsers this year.
Wishing everyone Season’s Greetings and a happy, healthy 2019!

Astronomy Heritage in West Penwith

Carolyn Kennett

November 11th 2018
Marazion Community Centre

Carolyn is a Council Member of the Society for the History of Astronomy and its current Journal Editor. An enthusiastic speaker with a huge wealth of knowledge in her subject, she discussed several of our local ancient sites, including Boscawen-ûn, Tregeseal circles and Kenidjack, the Lamorna gap, Nine Maidens and Merry Maidens, in relation to the motion of the sun, moon and stars. Revelations about the relationship between some of the sites and inspiration for discussion on our future dowsing explorations!

The Power of Centre

Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare

October 20th 2018
Marazion Community Centre

Today’s presentation was a fascinating account of Gary and Caroline’s extensive explorations of the ancient tribal centres of Celtic Britain and Ireland which resulted in their book ‘ The Power of Centre’ published this year. Their journeys looked for the reasons why the Babylonians, Greeks and early Celts surveyed their kingdoms to locate the centre or ‘navel’. Did these centres have a secret hidden power used to increase the healing potential within the land and the well-being of its people? The range of Gary and Caroline’s knowledge about a vast number of sites is staggering. You need to buy the book!
And today was Ba Miller’s birthday! Time for chocolate cake and candles. Happy birthday Ba!

Trip to Zennor Head and Towednack Church – tracking Athena

September 15th 2018
Zennor Head and Towednack Church

The group met at Zennor on a lovely, bright and warm autumn afternoon. We followed the well-worn path out to the headland, picking up the Athena current as we neared the rocky outcrop.
In the ‘Dance of the Dragon’, Paul Broadhurst writes, ‘At the edge of the cliff overlooking Pendour Cove, a protruding rock looked as if it had been at some remote time sheared in two. Wedged on top was another chunk of stone, creating a gap through which we could see the distant horizon. It formed a fitting doorway or entrance for Athena.’
We were keen to find out if the current actually squeezed through the gap, but dowsing revealed that the line, about 12 paces wide passed right through the rock, with the gap in the centre on a precise west/east track.
We spent some time there, enjoying the wonderful atmosphere and joined together to send thanks and positive energy along the line. It was noted that, after our interaction, the current had expanded.
Unfortunately the next feature on Athena’s trail, Giant’s Rock, is not accessible so the next logical place to visit was Zennor’s Chapel Cafè for tea and cake!
Once refreshed, we drove a couple of miles to Towednack Church, where we picked up Athena passing through the church at an angle, before sweeping along the side of Trink Hill on its way to Trencrom Hill. The flower festival was just coming to an end, and had been visited by many people this week so the church had a very happy, welcoming atmosphere. We had an enjoyable chat with the vicar who was interested in our research and dowsing in general so we were able to dowse in the church. We picked up the usual energy pattern present in such ancient places, including a strong blind spring in front of the altar. We were able to find the energy sink streaming out of the site of the north door, which was a new concept to some of our group.
Another very enjoyable afternoon and great to be out again with the dowsing rods and in good company.

Southwest Dowsing Fest 2018

June 23rd to June 24th 2018
South Zeal

This event was based at the beautiful little village of South Zeal on Dartmoor in Devon, with the intention of getting together the south west dowsing groups of Devon Dowsers, Somerset Dowsers, Tamar Dowsers and Trencrom Dowsers. The village hall, very close to the local pub, which kept us well fed and had a good field for camping, made an excellent venue. Two days packed with talks, trips and social time, (to meet friends old and new), this was a highly successful event, thanks to Gwynn Paulett of Devon Dowsers and Mandy Bennett of Somerset Dowsers. There were over 100 people attending, (including some from the London area and the Midlands) but disappointingly hardly anyone from Trencrom Dowsers. Where were you?!!
In the stunning landscape of Dartmoor and with glorious weather, there was an excellent range of trips to choose from: Brent Tor, Scorhill stone circle, Kestor, (led by John Moss), Taw vally, Merivale, Fernworthy, Lydford Gorge and Belstone Tor.
On Saturday, Ann Lodygowski gave a highly entertaining and amusing talk on “How dowsing has developed from back ‘in them days’ to the present day” and later Mandy Bennett gave fascinating insights into her work, speaking on “Land dowsing and healing”. Sunday afternoon’s talk was John Moss’s “Consciously communicating with our surroundings: are we really?” – predictably entertaining and controversial!
Let’s hope that this very worthwhile event is repeated next year. The attachment contains a report on the weekend plus photos.

Download attachment for Southwest Dowsing Fest 2018

Pathways to the Past 2018

May 26th to May 27th 2018

This was the 12th annual event run by CASPN (Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network): a packed weekend of walks and talks in the sacred landscape of West Penwith.  Another very successful weekend, of great relevance to historians, archaeologists, archeo-astronomers – and dowsers, each event was attended by about 40 people, many of whom now plan their holidays at this time. John Moss led the Saturday morning walk at Trencrom Hill and spoke about the history of the hill from Mesolithic times up to the closing of the mining industry. And the weather was fine througout the weekend!

International Dowsing Day and Celebration of Wells

May 5th 2018

This annual event, held on the weekend nearest Hamish Miller’s birthday, was this year actually on his birthday. We invited Ros Briagha to be with us to lead the singing at each of the wells. Where appropriate we dowsed the energy currents and how they changed with our interaction. And today was a glorious day of end-to-end sunshine, with a landscape full of flowers and sparkly energy.
Meeting at the base of Trencrom Hill, we climbed up the “easy route”. The steep route is not recommended by archaeologists as part of the ancient features are being destroyed by walkers. We celebrated at the “Giant’s Well”, one of three wells on the hill. In the rear wall is a man-made cleft – a female sign? Hamish found the Athena energy current flowing through here on its way from Towednack Church, through the ruined barrows on the top of Trencrom Hill, across the land to Ludgvan Church and then St Michael’s Mount. The mid-summer sunset shines onto the cleft in the Well.
We then drove to Sancreed, parked at the base of Sancreed Beacon and walked to the Well. Very little is known about this one as it was buried for many years and rediscovered by the local vicar in 1879. Consequently its specific healing reputation has been forgotten. The nearby church is dedicated to St Credan so it is possible that the Well is also his. He is supposed to have killed his father accidentally and had to work as a swineherd as a penance. Over the church porch there is a carving of him holding a pig. Remains of an an ancient chapel lie alongside the Well and a “Cloutie Tree” is much-used.
Time for a picnic at Chapel Carn Brea car park and then we walked to Chapel Euny Wells. This is a pair of wells sunk into a small stream which flows down to Lamorna. Adjacent to them is the site of an old chapel. The legend here is that, on the first three Wednesdays of May, children were dunked into the water three times before being dragged around the well widdershins (333). Presumably to ensure their good health, which is difficult to believe! The future could be foretold by dropping a pebble or sinking a pin into the well and counting the bubbles or spins.
The last well of the day was Alsia. Thank you to Trevor for allowing us on his land to visit it. The Mary energy current flows through this one and the same customs are attributed as at Euny. Today this site had a noticeable atmosphere of peace and stillness.
An essential component of the day was Cakey Tea at The Apple Tree cafe, Trevescan, and then the remaining bunch of stalwarts parked at Polgigga and walked down to Carn Lês Boel. This beautiful headland near Land’s End, which forms part of our celebration every May, is the first/last node point of the Michael/Mary energy currents. We remembered Danu Fox, who sadly died last year and who sang and celebrated with us at previous International Dowsing Days.
As the sun sent a golden path over the sea towards the headland, Ros sang a final song to celebrate the land and a call to be joyous and thankful that we were there again to be part of it.
Happy Birthday Hamish!

Trip to Tregonning Hill

April 22nd 2018
Tregonning Hill

On a bright breezy day we met at the foot of the hill. Grateful thanks to John Watts for providing notes and to Pauline Passmore for guiding us around the site.
Initially we made for the summit of the hill (637 ft) and dowsed around the Memorial. The stunning views were somewhat distracting but impressed upon us the clear network of imposing hilltop sites around the area.
We found a wide energy ley which appeared to be flowing from St Michael’s Mount in an east/west direction with a network of smaller leys running around the monument. Initially several of us felt that the wide line was Hamish’s Mary current until Ba Miller pointed out that we had already walked through it on the way up the hill! Subsequent dowsing did indeed reveal Mary running around the Mount’s Bay side of the hill, through a low lying cleft in the hill containing a pond.
We moved on to dowse in the Preaching Pit, identifying the energetic signature where the preacher may have stood, as well as discovering a small stream running through the pit about 12 feet underground. A very peaceful spot now.
We looked at the Cookworthy Quarry where William Cookworthy discovered the first china clay deposit in Cornwall in 1746. Of course he is of particular interest to dowsers as he is famous for his account of dowsing in his book Mineralogia Cornubiensis in 1778. Vestigial deposits of china clay could be seen.
Finally we climbed the southernmost part of the hill to examine the remains of a Bronze Age burial mound. Apparently it has never been excavated but it showed plenty of evidence of being robbed out. Dowsing results here were quite puzzling. We felt as if there were two mounds overlapping each other. We found a small blind spring rising up on the west side of the barrow but then curiously a downshaft about 10 feet away on the east side.Generally the energies here were quite weak, unlike those found at the Memorial and Preaching Pit.
The whole site is very overgrown. It would have been good to dowse for the site of St Breaca’s church but a large part of the hill is quite inaccessiible. We were all amazed however to see from the top of the hill: Mount’s Bay, Penwith Moor, St Ives Island, Godrevy, St Agnes Beacon, Falmouth Bay and the Lizard!

Dowsing Magic – Symbols, Shapes and Sigils

Grahame Gardner

March 24th 2018
Marazion Community Centre

Grahame is Past President of the British Society of Dowsers, author and one of the most respected dowsers in the UK and internationally, who has presented at conferences in Canada, America, Japan, Italy and Portugal.
A sigil, used in magic for centuries, is a way of encoding your intention into a symbol – like a personal monogram. It is a graphical distillation of purpose that can be programmed as an ongoing emitting matrix, requiring no further consideration. As Grahame put it: “Creating a sigil is the process of reducing your written intention to a more compact form. It’s the literary equivalent of reducing a cooking sauce over heat until it is thick and concentrated.” This session explored the power and impact of a range of symbols and shapes, both ancient and new, using dowsing to compare the effects of them. Grahame then explained the value and use of sigils and guided us through the process of making our own on wooden discs. A fascinating process and a splendid final presentation for our season of inside events at Marazion.

Crystals, Dowsing and the Interconnectedness of Everything

Beverley Davis

February 17th 2018
Marazion Community Centre

Bev, who has recently retired from dentistry to explore the wonderful and wide-ranging world of dowsing, attracted a good audience this afternoon. She brought a wonderful collection of crystals which made a beautiful display across several tables. (Where was my camera when I needed it?!). Coming from a scientific background, Bev’s approach to dowsing is refreshingly questioning. She asked the group to experiment with dowsing the aura of different crystals in different conditions, such as perched on top of a mobile phone. John M. had produced a supply of his famous patented metal nuts on pieces of string, which everyone used to avoid any interference from their own crystal pendulums.
Bev demonstrated how she chooses and uses different crystals to focus specific intent when doing her healing work. Care and cleansing of crystals was also covered.
An interesting, enjoyable and refreshingly different presentation.