2020 Events Archive

The Old Stones and the Megalithic Portal

Andy Burnham

December 6th 2020

Dowsing: Magic for the 21st Century

Grahame Gardner

December 3rd 2020

The Shamanic Pathway

Derek Gane

November 15th 2020

Sacred Sites, Earth Energies, and Landscape Fertility

Dr Patrick MacManaway

November 10th 2020

The Language of Dragons – a Pilgrim’s Glossary

Sean Ferris

October 29th 2020

Guy Underwood’s Features in the Southwest

Ali Denham

October 18th 2020

International Dowsing Day 2020

May 3rd 2020

Although we were unable to celebrate today as we’ve done in previous years we, nevertheless, marked it in a meaningful way. At 4 pm (when, towards the end of our celebrations, we’re often at Carn Lês Boel, the first/last UK node point of the Michael/Mary energies), people were asked to choose a special place within walking distance of where they lived. There they spent a few minutes focussing their intent on the global crisis, on all those who were ill, those who were grieving and those who were bravely helping us in so many ways. Dowsers in other UK groups were also asked to join us at that time.

The Mystery, Mythology and Magic of Labyrinths

John Watts

February 2nd 2020
Marazion Community Centre

Dowsing. Is it really?

John Moss

January 11th 2020
Marazion Community Centre

Another good turn-out today despite atrocious weather! In his on-going mission to promote the need for evidence for our dowsing, John reviewed a couple of key site visits of 2019: Merther church and Tregaminion, near Morvah, while his ‘few steps more’ included other dowsing techniques, among them deviceless and distance dowsing. Various exercises proved popular and gave us all ideas about how to try something different. Particularly motivating was the exercise involving chocolate!