Guy Underwood’s Features in the Southwest

Ali Denham

October 18th 2:00pm
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Guy Underwood’s “Pattern of the Past was published posthumously in 1969; he was a pioneer in the dowsing world, moving away from water divining to document ‘the Earth Force’ for the first time.

Many of Underwood’s concepts and the names he gave them are in the Glossary of Dowsing Terms for the Earth Energies Group of the BSD, (British Society of Dowsers).

As a novice dowser I wanted to learn them, so sought them out when I was on break during my Live-in care assignments.

This illustrated talk will cover the basic components of Underwood’s Geodetic System, (Water Lines, Track Lines and Aquastats), with a case study of the church at Down St. Mary.

‘It is my aim that by the end of my presentation all the above words will be understood.’

Ali has been a member of both Tamar Dowsers and Devon Dowsers for some years now. She is a regular contributor to the Devon Dowser Magazine and Facebook page as well as Tamar Dowsers’ Newsletter.

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