Sound Healing: Ancient Roots / Modern Science

Tony Nec

February 14th 2:00pm
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Tony Nec is the Principal of the Sound Healing Academy, which has students and qualified practitioners in over 60 countries worldwide. He has over 30 years’ experience with healing, coaching and training. Tony lives on an organic smallholding on the edge of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, close to the Michael line, as it passes through Druids Hill. He has a purpose-built sound healing studio on the land and will be broadcasting from that studio.

This presentation will come in three parts:

  • A talk about the history and practice of sound healing. We’ll study the crossover between acoustic archaeology and acoustic psychology, with a focus on ancient sites and consciousness. We’ll also cover more recent scientific understanding of sound healing works, looking at how imbalances in the autonomic nervous system are linked with symptoms of disease and how certain combinations of acoustic sounds can help to restore health and vitality.
  • A live demonstration of those acoustic sounds, so you can have a direct experience of what’s been talked about (for best results, please use headphones or ear buds)
  • An opportunity for you to ask questions, get answers and share your experiences

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