The Shamanic Pathway

Derek Gane

November 15th 2:00pm
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How can the ‘ancient wisdom’ of the shaman bring forth healing – and does it conflict with modern medicine and scientific understanding? In the Covid world, how can an understanding of the shamanic path help society?
Derek Gane is a shamanic healer and teacher, who runs the Healing Tree Centre in North Cornwall, a shamanic retreat and place of training. He will share his passion for this pathway – and his own healing journey.
The Healing Tree is a not for profit education and training organisation for the benefit of the local and wider community, run by Derek Gane. It aims to promote and provide good health, healing and well-being, alongside shamanic wisdom and ancient earth teachings amongst the local community
The Healing Tree Centre Foundation is a separate charity, formed in March 2015, whose purpose is to develop the Healing Tree Centre so as to educate about health, healing and well-being, shamanic wisdom and ancient earth wisdom, along with environmental education, conservation of the immediate natural habitat and living in a sustainable way. It aims to support other charities that fit in with its ethos.