Working with your plant spirit allies to hold your centre and maintain energetic sovereignty

Davyd and Emma Farrell

December 7th 2:00pm
Marazion Community Centre | OS Grid Reference: SW525308 | Open Street Map: 50.1264,-5.463

In this interactive session Davyd and Emma, Plant Consciousness and Wisdom Hub founders, plant spirit healers and geomancers, will highlight the potential of working with plant spirits to form meaningful relationships or alliances for healing and holding shamanic space.
They will share the principles of plant diets and how they can help form those relationships with the conscious intelligence of plants.
Davyd and Emma spent 6 months in Ecuador with their Kichwa elder and shaman Kurikindi participating in and learning about plant diets. Through healing with plants we can learn to identify what is our true nature and then be able to identify those energies that are not actually ours.
Emma is a certified plant healer and, like Davyd, has studied Geomancy (with Patrick MacManaway) and Celtic Shamanic Healing (with David Leesley). Davyd comes from a Celtic background with ancestry from both Cornwall and Ireland. They are the founders of Plant Consciousness, the ground-breaking London event about the conscious intelligent world of plants and trees.
Working with plants such as: tobacco, mugwort, wormwood, yarrow, angelica and St John’s Wort they will demonstrate how we can heal ouselves, others and the land spirits by working with plant allies.