2018 Programme


Our venue for inside events is Marazion Community Centre (TR17 0HW) in Gwallon Lane, Marazion.  Gwallon Lane is opposite the Fire Engine Inn (on the coastal side of the main street in the Marazion to Helston direction) and there is a signpost for the surgery, which is next door to the hall.  Plenty of free parking.

Unless otherwise stated, talks/presentations normally start at 2 pm on Saturdays, with tea and biscuits served during discussions or question and answer sessions at the end of the afternoon.

If you are attending an outside event organised by Trencrom Dowsers, you are deeming yourself fit to deal with the physical activity.  Field trips may at times involve walking substantial distances on uneven and slippery ground.  Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

For further details of events please contact Jill Moss on 01736 740093 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This website is continually updated. Any provisional dates will be confirmed as soon as possible.  For our Privacy Statement, please see our Welcome page.


As appropriate, our speakers' website addresses will be added to the Links on this site.


Please note: Dowsing tuition is not available during our dowsing trips or other meetings. If you would like to learn how to dowse, or to extend your skills, please click on the Dowsing Courses' tab at the top of the page.


Our spring/summer season of dowsing trips has now ended. For reports on the trips please go to Events then 2018 Events and Photos.  Don't pack away the dowsing rods though - if we have a mild winter we'll organise another trip or two.


Looking ahead to our autumn/winter programme of speakers in Marazion on Saturday afternoons, starting at 2 pm:


Saturday 20 October: Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare: The Sacred Centre of Cornwall and the Saint's Way

Based on Gary and Caroline's new book called 'The Power of Centre', the authors explore the Celtic centres of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and Cornwall and discuss why ancient civilisations regarded geographical centres as spiritually important places with a connection to the goddess. This presentation will focus on the navel of Cornwall, its connected overland routes, dowsing its nodal point, energy lines and alignments, and a mysterious goddess/saint.

Gary and Caroline are well known speakers, (Nigel Twinn of Tamar Dowsers describes them as 'the top drawer of the current earth energy dowsing community - and extremely likeable people as well') and we are delighted to welcome them back to our group.  This is not a presentation to miss!




Sunday 11 November: Carolyn Kennett: Astronomy Heritage in Ancient Penwith

Carolyn is an archeo-astronomer who will be taking us on a tour of a number of sites in West Penwith which have links to the celestial motion of the sun, moon and stars. 

She is a Council Member of The Society for the History of Astronomy and is also its current Journal Editor.    Please note: this presentation is on a Sunday not our usual Saturday.


Saturday 8 December: John Moss: Consciously communicating with our surroundings.  Do we really?

This talk will be an adaptation of the one John presented to the highly successful Southwest Dowsing Fest in June. Expect to be challenged!    And this close to the festive season, mince pies are the order of the afternoon - so don't rush home quickly!


Looking ahead to 2019...

Saturday 19 January.  Gwynn Paulett: Dowsing in the Garden

Something completely different this time.  Details to follow.