Other sites of interest:

British Society of Dowsers:

Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network (CASPN):

Devon Dowsers:

Tamar Dowsers (based at North Hill, near Launceston):

Cheryl Straffon’s Cornish Earth Mysteries magazine:

Geomancy group:

Grahame Gardner’s geomancy site for dowsing and geomancy in the modern European tradition (Grahame is a past President of the British Society of Dowsers):

Penwith Press: publisher and online bookseller which specialises in earth mysteries, dowsing and Cornish interest and aims to preserve the legacies of well-respected dowsers and geomancers.  Books and DVDs by Hamish Miller and well-known current practitioners; Michael and Mary line maps; Apollo and Athena line maps and dowsing rods:

Speakers’ sites:

Gary Biltcliffe:

Jude Currivan:

Richard Dealler’s Mary/Michael Pilgrim’s Way:

David and Emma Farrell:

Robin Heath:

Palden Jenkins:

Peter Knight:

Sig Lonegren:  and

John Moss:

Richard Nissen:

Ann and Roy Procter:

Dr Andrew Tressider:

Anu van Warmelo:

Ruth Weaver: