Membership fees:

Membership: £15 / annum

Our membership year now runs from November to October

If joining after April, then £7.50

You can pay your subscription when you come to a meeting.  Alternatively you can pay online – please email Jill for bank details (

Inside events (speakers/workshops)

Members: Free

Non-members: £5

Refreshments: Free

Dowsing trips

Members: Free

Non-members: £3

Whenever possible on trips, dowsers are provided with historical and archaeological notes, with suggested dowsing ideas.

Visitors are welcome at any time, both to inside events and on dowsing trips.

Records are kept on computer for administrative use only, only with your consent.  When joining, you will be asked to sign a consent form to that effect.  Your personal details will never be given to any third party.

Learning to dowse

We do not offer dowsing tuition on our trips.  Some new members might be experienced dowsers, but if at a novice level, they should commit to attending a Beginners’ course or 1-day workshop.  Click on the Dowsing Courses’ tab on this website for workshops run locally. 

As a British Society of Dowsers’ Affiliated Local Group, Trencrom Dowsers has undertaken that its members will adhere to the British Society of Dowsers’ Code of Ethics All members are asked to agree to adhere to the Code and the group reserves the right to expel those who do not adhere to it. The main points of the BSD Code are as follows:

1. Dowsing Wisely

In your dowsing generally, and when people seek your assistance as a dowser, keep your dowsing focussed on issues of genuine need.  Recognise and work within the limits of your competence and refer to another practitioner or other source if necessary.

2. Dowsing with Respect

Only dowse for information that concerns you personally, unless you are asked or given permission by other people to dowse for them personally. Do not dowse for information about other people or their concerns without their permission.

3. Trustworthy Dowsing

Honest and trustworthy behaviour is expected from every dowser, and it is most important that you avoid abusing your position as a dowser.  Be careful not to use your position as a dowser to create or establish improper relationships, either personal or financial.  Never misuse privileged information that you may obtain through dowsing.  If people seek your assistance as a dowser, be careful to use your dowsing only for their genuine benefit, give guidance and recommendations that you believe to be in their best interests and share with them all relevant information that you may discover.

4. Providing Information about Dowsing

Avoid sensational or misleading statements, and be mindful of the likely accuracy and completeness of your dowsing as well as of the effects that your information may have on other people as well as on public opinion generally.  If dowsing for health or therapies of any kind, you must not offer guarantees or cures, nor exploit people’s vulnerability or lack of knowledge, nor put pressure on people to use a service, for example by arousing fear for their future health or well-being.  You must not make claims about the comparative quality of your dowsing nor compare your abilities with those of other dowsers.

5. Respecting Relationships with other Dowsers

Be open, fair and non-discriminatory with other dowsers.